Continuing our series on beer related gear and gadgets, today I bring you a wonderful piece of Austrian engineering. The folks at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown Pennsylvania were tired of interrupting their drinking to fill growlers. So they set to task on finding a way to fill them with the least amount of work or waste possible. Enter Alfred Gruber who originally told Victory co-founder Ron Barchet that he was crazy. But once introduced to Ron’s napkin sketch, Gruber set out to take on the challenge and make take out lovers everywhere very happy.

This bad boy dispenses up to 20 different beers, only after evacuating the custom made (and equally badass) growlers with CO2. Then they are filled from the bottom with the beer of your choice, and sealed. All in about 30 seconds. You can check it out on the video or in person at Victory Brewing, where they will be happy to fill one for you.

Be sure to tell them Tim from Here for the Beer sent you, they won’t have any idea why you told them that, but it will make me feel all warm and fuzzy here in Vermont, where I can’t get Victory beer… yet…

Written by Tim Brady
Brewer, brewery owner, geek and craft beer lover. Visit me at Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in Brattleboro, Vermont