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Affligem Tripel


So this is the first beer I am going to review.  Basically I was at the Moan and Dove the other night and finally decided to jump in on their killer mug club.  By killer I mean that if you finish it, you are lucky to be alive.  Especially after a few “warm and crappys”.  But I’ll save that for another post.

Looking at the list, I noticed that I had already tried many of the beers on there.  I also realized that I didn’t remember many of them.  So I figured what better time to start keeping track of what I am drinking.

That being said, I had a small “beer review” revelation that same night (what a night) and decided that I was going to do something different.  I would suggest you check out the about our beer reviews page for the full story.

So as for the Affligem Tripel – it was one hell of a beer to start the list off with.  Luckily I was splitting this with another mug club contender (his third time through – god bless him).  The beer was tasty as hell, good combo of sweet and spicy.  Dangerously easy drinking because I figure it has a pretty high ABV.   Certainly a sipper – but a bargain of sorts at $15 for 25.4 oz or 750 ml for you metric folks.  Tripels are tasty and this one didn’t disappoint.  Try it.

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  2. Hi! I just started my mug club voyage last night at the moan and dove. I’m looking to go with others so I’m not doing this thing / drinking alone haha none of my friends are into drinking better beer I’m trying but no such luck. What days do you visit the dove?

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