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Back to San Antonio, Texas

Back to San Antonio, Texas for some Rodeo and Mardi Gras!

So now it’s back to San Antonio, Texas for some Rodeo and Mardi Gras! We really enjoyed San Antonio on our last pass through so we decided to spend another week or so in the area. Specifically this time coming around for their Mardi Gras parade on the riverwalk (which sounded like fun and less chaos than New Orleans, where we spend New Years Eve) and their famous San Antonio Rodeo.

The riverwalk in San Antonio continues to amaze me. What a great move by the city to create this beautiful and intricate pedestrian walk. I wish more cities would look at ideas like this. This time we discovered that you could walk all the way uptown to the art museum on the riverwalk. We used our reciprocal museum membership to take a look around there. The San Antonio Art Museum is actually very well done. Nice exhibit spaces with a well rounded collection.

After the art museum, being it was Valentines day, we headed to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. It was certainly a one of a kind experience. Think of a combination carnival, craft show, home show, 4H fair, country jamboree and outdoor concert, spread out over a huge area including two arenas.

The rodeo itself was pretty wild and something to experience. Cowboys and girls wrangling bulls, riding bucking horses and all that. Probably the most entertaining part was the kids (4 – 6 year olds) contest where they had to hold on for dear life to the back of a sheep. They timed how long they could hold on to determine the winners (of course they then gave them all a trophy anyway… it’s the new thing).

The rodeo is followed up by a concert, each night a different artist performs. We saw Keith Urban, who put on a good show despite my not really knowing much about his music.

Hell, we even managed to find some craft beer after wandering the stadium, including some Freetail and Karbach. (Hidden on the bottom shelf of the coolers at the “Ice House” stand on the 200 level of AT&T center for any of you who may be looking!) Of course they were $7/can but considering the other options it was well worth it.

Another fun few days in San Antonio.

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