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Bobcat Pilsner by Adirondack Brewery

Bobcat PilsnerWe tried a Bobcat Pilsner Pilsner – Other by Adirondack Brewery at Adirondack Pub & Brewery in Lake George, NY. Excellent Pilsner. Also a good example of why @untappd, as it grows in popularity, declines in value. This beer should not be a 3.29/5. User ratings need to somehow be weighted by the styles that their previous ratings show they prefer. /rant

2018 World Beer Cup Silver Award Winner for Bohemian-Pilsner.

Inspired by the crisp, clean Pilsners of the Old World, Bobcat was designed as a light-bodied lager with a subtle bitterness and an uncanny ability to pair with a wide variety of food. Golden and refreshing, Bobcat utilizes noble german hop varieties to create an easy-going and highly drinkable Pilsner..

Bobcat PilsnerSome Details About Lake George Bobcat Pilsner
Style: Pilsner – Other
ABV: 4
Adirondack Brewery is located in Lake George, NY.
Brewery Website
Average Rating (When we tried the beer): 3.29043/5.
Our Rating:

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4 = We would definitely order another of this beer
5 = We would go out of our way to find another of this beer.

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