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Boont Amber Ale


Boont Amber Ale, it’s “bahl hornin'”.  That’s what it says on the label.  Turns out these yocals are so far removed from civilization that they created their own language to fuck with the yuppies from L.A.   At least they can make beer.

The Amber Ale is solid.  Carmel and roasted malt, offset with some subtle aroma hops.  Definitely leans toward the malty side, which is why I liked it.  Actually fairly crisp and refreshing for a maltier beer.  I’d put this in the session category for sure.

So when you cock a fister with your apple-head dis steinber el get ya in da burlap.  After all, It’s not just shy sluggin’ gorms neemer.

Yeah, you’ll need their website and  10 minutes of your life that you will never get back to figure that out.  Be careful though, it’s the site that inspired my rant about age verification.

Boont Amber – a tasty beer that I might have more of.  Gorm it.


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