This video is part 2 of our look at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur Georgia.  If you haven’t seen it already, you may want to check out the upstairs video first.

The Brick Store Pub is one of the top beer bars on the planet according to Beer Advocate magazine and once you see their cellar it will become obvious why.   The Brick Store has committed to letting a huge selection of great beers age in their climate controlled cellars.  Even more impressive is that the building was formerly a bank and the cellar is a collection of awesome old bank vaults – 1,000 lb. vault doors included.

As tempting as is may be to add the many of their cellared beers to their beer list, they have committed to wait it out a few years and allow the beers to truly age.   They have set up a library system, so that they can occasionally open a beer or two and see how they are aging – to determine the ideal time to release each one to the beer lovers of Georgia.

In this video we get the full tour from owner Dave Blanchard and beer manager Lee Dickson.  Of course we pop open a couple of great beers including a Sexual Chocolate, the Allagash 2007 Interlude and Terrapin Side Project #4.

The cellar itself is really something too see (they even have a Trappist beer throne!) but the people at the Brick Store – from Dave and Lee and their awesome hospitality, to the great group of BA’s we met that shared some killer brews with us – made this an incredible visit.

If you are ever in Georgia (seriously, anywhere in the state) be sure to take a detour to Decatur and the Brick Store – you will not be disappointed.  Of course be sure to tell them that Here for the Beer sent you!  They will most likely give you a confused look and free glass of water – but you never know…

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  2. scott-thebrewclub

    Wow, what a cool place! I think those old buildings are so cool anyway, but its neat to see how its being utilized in a most appropriate way! I had no idea that cellaring beer was such a big deal.

    Doubt I’ll ever make it to Georgia, but I’m happy to have seen these videos of the place!

  3. Steve

    Damn, thats an incredible amount of cellared beer. We’ll definitely have to make a trip to Georgia one day. Great video!

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