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Cheese Discriminator

Victory Brewing Company posted this video today that we shot when they were up visiting Vermont prior to their big debut. We were lucky enough to get to sample some of these delicious cheeses paired with Victory’s beers. Of course, in the video I also reveal myself as a cheese discriminator, but I promise to work on that, especially after the great pairing.

For all the details on the pairing check out but here are their suggestions:

Here is the pairing you should try at home:

  1. Jasper Hill Farm Bleu Cheese and Storm King Stout.
  2. West River Farm Goat Cheese and WildDevil
  3. Willow Hill Sheep Cheese and Prima Pils
  4. Cabott and Grafton Cheddar with HopDevil
  5. Twig Farm Washed Rind and Golden Monkey

Thanks again to Bill and Dave for putting together these videos and for the great beers! By the way, want to try these pairings yourself and visit with us at our inn? Check this out!

1 thought on “Cheese Discriminator”

  1. you should never discriminate against cheese! cheese is good and better with beer!!

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