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Being we are having a very Duvel week, I figured I would continue with a review of the original Duvel.  While I had admittedly not tried this beer in some time – the Duvel Green event gave me the welcome kick in the ass to revisit the original.

I have no idea why I don’t go-to this beer more often.  Probably because there are so many new beers coming at me now that I tend to shy away from those that I have tried before.  That’s a shame, especially in a case like this, where it keeps me away from an amazing beer.

The bottled Duvel is a Belgian Strong by definition – which is another one of those beer style names that goes above and beyond to state the obvious.   Duvel is packaged in a unique bottle and served in a custom oversized tulip glass – scoring them serious points for packaging and sexiness.   Both are the perfect compliment for the kickass beer they contain.

The brew itself is malty, spicy and sweet.  incredibly drinkable, just shy of a session beer.  Crazy carbonation from the re fermentation in the bottle creates a giant head.   Much like mine.

Killer dry finish and a great belgian-y aftertaste round out this awesome beer.  This is certainly one that I will be back for.  I am glad that the introduction of the new brew brought this old school favorite back to my radar.  I am in good company when I say that this is one hell of a beer – Drink it.


6 thoughts on “Duvel”

  1. For some reason, I’m having a hard time concentrating on that Duvel Green there, Tim!

    * from facebook via fbconnect

  2. can you believe that was the only frame of the video with the duvel bottle in it :) damn cameraman

    * from facebook via fbconnect

  3. And you’re still not concentrating Chris, that’s not a Duvel Green in the picture. But I understand your error, I had to check the picture several times as well. ;)

  4. Duvel really is a good beer – I think its just there are so many beer choices now, it kind of gets pushed to the background and forgotten.

  5. Have to agree with you Scott, I think that the new Green will help them sell more regular Duvel – put’s the name back in the beer geeks mind when they are perusing the menu.

    And yes Chris – I was the cameraman

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