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HopBot IPA by Hop City Brewing Co.

HopBot IPAWe tried a HopBot IPA IPA – American by Hop City Brewing Co. at Hidden Acres Camping Resort in Town of Dummerston, VT.

Hop City Brewing Co. is located in Brampton, ON. Programmed with 5 west coast American hops, HopBot IPA brings out waves of absurd citrus and tropical aroma and flavor. The Citra, Centennial, Mosaic, Summit and Willamette hops are perfectly balanced by a solid malt backbone. see more.

Some Details About Hop City Brewing Co. HopBot IPA
Style: IPA – American
ABV: 7.1
IBU: 70
Average Untappd Rating (When we tried the beer): 18,934 Ratings-3.58/5.
Serving Type:
Flavor Notes:
Our Rating: 4

Please note that we don’t really “rate” beers. We are beer geeks, not beer snobs. There’s a time and place for almost every beer. But…

For our own purposes we use the following system:

4 = We would definitely order another of this beer
5 = We would go out of our way to find another of this beer.

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