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Maine Beer Company

A few weeks months ago we took a trip to Portland Maine and were lucky enough to get to peep into Maine Beer Company. Co-Founder David Kleban gave us a tour around the small startup brewery and talked to us about their beer and their plans.

The Peeper Ale (or Spring Peeper as it was called at the time) is a fresh west-coast style (their description) hoppy pale ale. The beer was certainly good, but it seems that David and his brother Dan will be hanging onto their day jobs for now, only brewing as time permits. The folks over at the Portland based beer blog did a nice post on the brewery and the beer, so be sure to check that out.

Maine Beer Company will also be at our first ever Brattleboro Brewers Festival this May, in Brattleboro Vermont. So if you are looking to meet Dan and David or to try their newest brews, be sure to swing by the Here for the Beer tent at the fest.

On a side note, sorry for the delay in getting these out there. We have some really exciting news (that we can’t share until the end of the summer!) that has kept us from being able to upload anything for a few weeks. We appreciate your patience (and the couple of “are you guys ok?” emails!) as we get back in the swing of things here.

We were lucky enough to score a few bottles of Spring Peeper Ale so I think we will be popping one open this evening in celebration of our getting back to the blog :)

8 thoughts on “Maine Beer Company”

  1. Good stuff you two. I have a great supply of new stuff here in PDX, though I’m painfully aware that (most of) the rest of the country is producing stuff that won’t make it’s way to the PNW. I’m guessing this is one such brewery.

    That being said, you guys know you visited the wrong Portland right? Let me know when you make your way out west.


  2. The wrong Portland – uh oh. That could start trouble :)

    We look forward to visiting the Pacific northwest, maybe later this year.

  3. I know you two are busy with the Inn and the 1st annual Brattleboro Brewers Festival but can I just say… I have missed hearing from you!

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  7. finally had a chance to taste spring peeper last week at Lost Bear… really hoppy, floral hoppy. Wish I could join you for the brewers fest, please enjoy for me! Also, the single hop ale we talked about will be ready soon and you’ll have some posted to you in the next few weeks. For anticipation value, one ale is Cascade hops and the other is Tettnang.

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