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Mönchshof Kellerbräu


You vill drink dis beer and you vil like it.  Alright my German accent sucks.  Especially via text.  Know what doesn’t suck?  The Monchshof Kellerbier I tried the other night.  From the killer flip top bottle (love these things) to the fact that the folks at the M&D served this up in the correct glass – it was nearly the epitome of packaging.

But it didn’t stop there.  I am not too familiar with the Kellerbier style and this was not at all what I expected from what was described to me simply as a “Lager”.  It was malty and delicious.  Plus there were 16.9 ounces of this goodness packed in there.  Bonus.

Smooth, easy to drink and I would guess low in alcohol, although I don’t recall looking to see and can’t find anything about it on the big guys sites.  Either way, it certainly drank like it was all kinds of poundable and left a delicious taste with me that made me remember her name in the morning.  For just seven bucks, this was a find.  I hope to see her again sometime.  Das Good!

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