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Ridgeway IPA


A British IPA.   Kind of an oxymoron.  While Britan may have their share of scary looking talent,  they are the William Hung of hoppy beers.  Historically I would think that British IPAs would be hoppy – after all the origin of the style itself would lead you to believe that the first IPAs were hopped to the extreme.  Fortunately for us, we got all the hops after the revolution, shipped them out west, and today British IPAs are weak and blah.

That said, the Ridgeway IPA surprised me.  Fresh hop flavor and a nice malty balance – very flavorful and drinkable (nay – poundable).  Dry as a British sitcom and twice as enjoyable.  I say cheeri-o.


5 thoughts on “Ridgeway IPA”

  1. They ARE hoppy. Just not the unbalanced overhopped IPAs we enjoy here (and I DO enjoy them, but let’s face it, some APAs are out of hand.)

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