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Shake-A-Day by Big Sky Brewing Company

Shake-A-DayWe tried a Shake-A-Day IPA – American by Big Sky Brewing Company at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Missoula – Edgewater in Missoula, MT. While presenting for @uvmvermont business of craft beer program from the road :)

Big Sky Brewing Company is located in Missoula, MT. In Montana, we have a past time bar game called “Shake-A-Day.” Each day at your favorite watering hole, you get one opportunity to throw 50 cents into a pot with hopes of rolling five of a kind and winning a pocket full of cash. This favorable risk to reward is our inspiration for brewing this aggressive, American styled IPA. Brewed with Pacific NW and Australian hop varieties. Bright aromas and resinous pine dominate the palate. The clean, well attenuated finish has enough body to leave you wanting another roll of the dice. see more.

Some Details About Big Sky Brewing Company Shake-A-Day
Style: IPA – American
ABV: 7.5
IBU: 65
Average Untappd Rating (When we tried the beer): 6,735 Ratings-3.71/5.
Serving Type:
Flavor Notes:
Our Rating:

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4 = We would definitely order another of this beer
5 = We would go out of our way to find another of this beer.

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