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Some Sort of Juicy? by Outer Light Brewing Company

Some Sort of Juicy?We tried a Some Sort of Juicy? IPA – New England by Outer Light Brewing Company at Comix Mohegan Sun in Montville, CT.

Outer Light Brewing Company is located in Groton, CT. Look! We brewed another beer. It’s juicy. Right? Maybe? Something resembling juicy? We’re fairly confident that it’s some sort of juicy IPA. Which is why we named it Some Sort of Juicy IPA? Hey, you try coming up with dozens of beer names that the other 5,400 breweries in the country haven’t already used. Double dry hopped, like most of our IPAs – Mosaic and El Dorado in the first round, Waimea and Pacific Gem afterward. There’s a bit of tangerine flavor, a little apricot, some orange, and that soft body which has become a familiar aspect of the New England-style IPA. ABV: 6.5% IBUs: Juicy? SRM: 5 see more.

Some Details About Outer Light Brewing Company Some Sort of Juicy?
Style: IPA – New England
ABV: 6.5
IBU: 0
Average Untappd Rating (When we tried the beer): 241 Ratings-3.92/5.
Serving Type:
Flavor Notes:
Our Rating: 4

Please note that we don’t really “rate” beers. We are beer geeks, not beer snobs. There’s a time and place for almost every beer. But…

For our own purposes we use the following system:

4 = We would definitely order another of this beer
5 = We would go out of our way to find another of this beer.

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