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Tenebra Aeterna (Mysterium Verum) by Real Ale Brewing Company

Tenebra Aeterna (Mysterium Verum)We tried a Tenebra Aeterna (Mysterium Verum) Porter – Other by Real Ale Brewing Company at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden in Austin, TX. Great beer suggestion – and band.

Latin for “eternal darkness,” Tenebra Aeterna means more than just the absence of light, it brings a shadow of dark malt into the realm of sour beers. A robust porter brewed with chocolate and black malts is interred in oak with nothing but our MV House Culture to keep it company. After many moons the ale emerges and we meet a sour beer unlike any that has heretofore been seen. Tenebra Aeterna is marked by notes of dark, sour fruit and a tantalizing character of subtle roast and cocoa. Come out of the light, and embrace the darkness..

Tenebra Aeterna (Mysterium Verum)Some Details About Blanco Tenebra Aeterna (Mysterium Verum)
Style: Porter – Other
ABV: 7.9
Real Ale Brewing Company is located in Blanco, TX.
Brewery Website
Average Rating (When we tried the beer): 4.15541/5.
Our Rating:

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