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This can coozie can kick your can coozie’s ass

p2382_bigI have seen so many beer related gadgets and accessories recently that I thought that I would start a new feature – Here for the Beer gear. Some finds will be awesome, others will be crap…

We start the series with this piece of Swedish engineering. In case the BN army actually want’s to gear up, they can arm themselves with this 6 pack shoulder sling beer coozie.  Or as it seems the Brits say “Holster for your tinnies” which has a completely different meaning in the US…

Can’t two of the most powerful countries in the world, each with similar languages come up with something less ridiculous to call these things?  Then again – if you are wearing this thing, your tinnies are in no need of a holster.

You can arm up and have 6 warm Ten Fidy’s at the ready for just $20 from Firebox.

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