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Tripel Karmeliet


So after trying the tasty Affligem Trippel I wasn’t ready to tone things down.  Next on my list that evening was the Tripel Karmeliet from Brouwerij Bosteels – can you guess where they are from?

This fine smelling beer was another with a good sweet and spicy combination.  The #6 combo of beers.  Of course I shared this one with Timberly while I put down a lamb sandwich from the place across the street – oh tasty…  I guess being 3 tripels in would explain the blurry photo – but hell I am taking these pics with my phone – which is crazy in it’s own right.

The packaging of belgian beers tends to get me all excited.  Why don’t more American brewers produce glassware for their signature brews?  I find it amazing that at a good beer bar (like the Moan and Dove, where this was written) they manage to find an appropriate and branded glass for almost every beer they pour.  Not only do these breweries produce the glassware, but these guys stock it.  Awesome.

Another high ABV beer here, so far from poundable, but a fine sipper and actually complimented the food really well.  Timberly is a bit of a trippel aficionado – so I turned to her for the sexiness rating, which she felt was definitely above average.    I liked that it was available in a regular 11.2oz bottle, so that I had more room to try another.  After all, it’s not every day I have a designated driver willing to cart my ass down to Amherst – so I need to be efficient if I intend to finish this mug club list.

So back to the Karmeliet (which is misspelled on the mug club menu by the way – although I shouldn’t point that out to the folks who will be putting together my warm and crappy’s).  I would put this in the top 10 of tripels I have tried, quite tasty – goes down easy and pairs well with a lamb sandwich.  My vote – try it.


2 thoughts on “Tripel Karmeliet”

  1. Karmeliet is awesome. It’s pretty intense, so I would only recommend having one per sitting. A friend liked it so much she ordered a second, but only got through 1/4 of it before it overwhelmed her. The glass is stellar as well. I love the huge goblet.

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