VIDEO – Victory Brewing Company has recently been doing some expanding at the brewery. One of the reasons for the expansion is that as of today, Victory Brewing Company is now distributing in our great state of Vermont. We were lucky enough to get the first keg of Victory beer in Vermont at our Inn, and even more lucky to have Victory Co-Founder Bill Covaleski come up to share the first pint poured in Vermont with us!

In this episode we chat with Bill about the expansion of their distribution area and plans for New England. While Victory makes 30 different beers all of which are available at their pub in Downingtown, PA, Vermonters can look forward to trying the Hop Devil, Prima Pils, Golden Monkey, Storm King and Wild Devil starting this week. Your interest and demand will determine what other of their brews may make it our way.

A short while back we toured the Victory brewery and checked out their new restaurant space with Ron, the co-founder. If you haven’t seen those videos yet, check them out – Ron doesn’t make too many appearances on camera ;)

Victory is one of my personal favorite breweries. It was Victory’s Hop Devil that turned me onto those glorious bitter sweet hops nearly 10 years ago. It was also the Victory Golden Monkey that taught me a hard lesson about ABV. Bill’s motto is “Respect the Monkey”, I know first hand why … hehe.

According to Bill Victory is now available in 39 states across the US. So grab yourself a Victory beer and tell us which one is your favorite, and which you are hoping to see near you. We will see you next time on Here for the Beer, Cheers!

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  1. Bill

    I’m in Burlington and I’ll be right down!

  2. Squeezer

    Amy needs to stand on a phonebook :) Congrats on the Victory

  3. VictoryBeer (Victory Brewing Co.)

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    Victory in Vermont! Check out our visit w/ Here For the Beer to tap the first keg. Cheers Vermont! [link to post]

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  4. Bob

    Very cool, congrats on debuting VBC in VT. Love that you had Bill C as a guest. Amy’s shirt was a Victory for us all. Keep up the good work, the clips are getting better and better.

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  6. BrewTours (BurlingtonBrewTours)

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    Nice! |RT @innkeepers: RT @VictoryBeer Check out our visit w @hereforthebeer to tap the first keg in #VT. [link to post] [at our inn!]

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  7. VictoryBeer (Victory Brewing Co.)

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    RT @innkeepers: RT: @VictoryBeer Check out our visit w/ @hereforthebeer to tap the first keg in VT. [link to post] [at our inn!]

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  8. innkeepers (Tim and Amy Brady)

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    RT: @VictoryBeer Check out our visit w/ @hereforthebeer to tap the first keg in VT. [link to post] [at our inn!]

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  11. Steve

    You should be proud that their pathway into the VT market started at 40 Putney Road in Brattleboro!

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