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Hello we are Tim, Amy and Thor.

When Amy and I met in 1999, one of the things that drew us together was our passion for good beer.  Craft beer tasted better.  We were lucky enough to have a local brewery and had both been fairly avid home brewers before.

Over the last 15 years we have developed a serious passion for craft brewing, both the process and the product, together.  Culminating in the opening of our very own brewery, beer bar and restaurant in Vermont in 2012.   In our travel and “research” we have sampled thousands of beers and continue to go out of our way to try new beers as often as possible.

We are the kind of people who plan nearly every vacation around good beer and often take day and weekend trips just to visit beer bars, brew pubs and microbreweries.  What we have found through our travels is that beer is often located in really awesome towns and cities.  We always consider ourselves lucky to have found some of these gems.  We started this website in 2009 as a way to document some of those adventures.   We have been flattered to watch the site grow and to see some of our content syndicated and even re-published around the world.

Our “Day Jobs”

As for our “real jobs”, after many years of planning and preparing, we are now the proud owners and brewers at Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in Brattleboro Vermont, where you will find us pretty much all of the time from May through October…

Tim is the “Chief Bier Maker” and oversees all aspects of the brewery.

Amy is “Pub Princess”, or operations manager, for the Bier Garten – overseeing all of the staffing and beer ordering.

However, from November through April each year we hit the road in our 27 foot Airstream International Serenity and travel the continent in search of good beer and awesome adventures.

How did this all happen?

About 10 years ago we left our corporate gigs and took off for Vermont to escape all of the nonsense that came with “working for the man”.  As soon as we walked in to this beautiful old building and saw the perfect space to put in our little pub for our guests, we were sold and became the happy owners of Forty Putney Road Bed and Breakfast.  It took a LOT of labor (of love) to turn that place into the beautiful property and amazing inn it is today (under the new stewardship of an amazing woman).  But it was about working for ourselves and having more control of our own destiny.

One of the things that drew us to that property was that Forty Putney Road B&B is located 4 blocks north of downtown Brattleboro.  Brattleboro is an awesome “art town”, full of creative people and energy as well as many great restaurants, shops and of course, pubs.

Well, after 5 awesome years at Forty Putney Road, we took our next huge leap.   We sold the inn and bought the old (abandoned) Riverview Cafe downtown with the dream of turning it into our own brewery and restaurant.    We had been lucky to forge many amazing relationships in the brewing industry (many thanks to this very blog!) and were able to combine those connections with our passion and unending willingness to work our asses off to make this next phase of our life a reality.    So, after many more months of hard work and construction, we were excited to open Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery in 2012.

Now, this time we knew that one of the most important things for us in this new venture was to secure some time for travel.   Owning an Inn can be a very consuming career choice, our ability to “get out of dodge” was very limited.   Travel has always been something we’re passionate about and we share a passion for getting out and exploring as often as we can.   So on this venture, we teamed up with an awesome partner and made the long-range plan of taking time off to travel.

Which brings us to today.

We are privileged to be able to take off for 6 months at a time, over the winter and travel the country.

We have the most amazing team of coworkers who hold down the fort in our absence.

We use this space ( as our single place for sharing our adventures, despite the fact they may not ALL be beer related (but who are we kidding, most of them will be).   We look forward to sharing our journey with you as time and wi-fi permits…

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  4. Good job on the site and congrats on your brewery! If you’d like to add more info/ logo on our brewpub in Fl you can contact me. cheers!

  5. hey i’d love to boondock downtown Charleston. my campervan is 10 feet tall though :( Do you remember the
    height restrictions of the parking garage??

  6. I believe you’ll be in good shape. The garage is designed to accommodate busses and our airstream (which is about 10′ high) fit without a problem. cheers!

  7. Chef Tyler Cullen would love to have you visit Norey’s, Newport on your way home. We are in the middle of a cold snap, but Newport is nice in the winter. You can see the drafts on Untapped and Taplister. What is really amazing is the food. Menu changes daily. Newport has a very large St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sat. which is March 17th this year. Staging for the parade is in front of Norey’s in the Broadway District and all the restaurants open at 8AM on parade day. The night may end with a young jazz band and female bagpipe players. If you are in Newport stop by anytime except Sundays and ask for Chef Tyler Cullen who is the owner and the only chef in the kitchen. Late night you might get a peek at his cellar.

  8. Stephen Matthews

    Dear Owner

    If you have 5 – 10 minutes free anytime this week, I would like to talk to you about my plan on how I can help to “revision (Website Redesign)”of your website, and no, I am not expensive at all!

    Think about it, if I can’t convince you in 10 minutes, we’ll pretend we never spoke and I’ll never bother you again :)

    Let me know what you think,

    Kind Regards,
    Stephen Matthews


  9. Good Afternoon,

    I hope all is well. I’m reaching out to see if you are open to new contributions? I’m currently working on an article regarding spring-break vacation travel for Floridians, and tips for staying safe while heading out- to local breweries, and tourist spots.

    I was wondering if you were open to reviewing the submission once its complete, and possibly publishing on your blog? You can view my work samples by visiting

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  10. Dennis DeJon

    Interested in buying your Airstream.
    Have written via RVtraders and no reply.
    Would like to talk with you

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