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Allagash – Interview with Rob Tod

VIDEO – During a recent trip up to American Flatbread in Burlington Vermont we got to meet Allagash Brewery owner and brewmaster Rob Tod. Rob hosts an annual beer night at American Flatbread and brought a host of great Allagash brews this year, including a cask of Four, a log of Bi-Curieux and some cellared kegs of Musette and Black (each delicious).

Rob was a great host and gave us a few minutes in the Flatbread brewery for an interview. In the video Rob shares a bit about the history of Allagash brewery, some insight into what’s new in 2010 with Allagash and answers some questions about both the packaging (cork and cage) and the bottle conditioning of their 12oz and kegs.

Our trip also gave us the opportunity to meet Paul Sailor, the owner of American Flatbread, and their brewer Destiny (watch for that interview coming up). We also got to connect with our friends at g.Housen and catch up with some of the Vermont BA folks. The food at American Flatbread is excellent and their beers and their guest beers are always top notch. Another great night, and another fun episode of Here for the Beer!

4 thoughts on “Allagash – Interview with Rob Tod”

  1. Awesome! I have only found one Allagash out here on the West Coast (the hugh malone ale) but I freaking loved it. I would totally jump at the opportunity to buy more if I could find them.

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  3. Next time we head west, we will bring you some. The Curieux is f-ing incredible! You could probably cook something up that would totally rock with it – or not.

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