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At Disney for the week. Today Hollywood Studios

So we’re back at Disney World for the week, meeting some family. Visited Hollywood studios today and got a great shot on Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster!

Back in December I decided to splurge for Disney Annual Passes. Since then we’ve visited the parks many times, on very off peak days, allowing us to ride the best rides many times. I’ve pretty much memorized where on each ride the camera is that snaps that famous photo of you, available for $14.95 after the ride. The great part about Disney though is that you can see the photos on the web and screenshot them at no cost. So on this visit I decided to start having some fun with the “on ride photos”. This was one of the best ones from the “series”.

As an aside, if you’re a Disney fan and plan to be at the parks more than once in a year, the annual pass is really a great value. Not only is it less expensive than regular tickets (if you plan to visit more than 10 days in a year) but the flexibility and not feeling pressured to “do everything” is very freeing. I did a ridiculous amount of research on weather or not the annual pass (and similarly the “Tables in Wonderland” card) was a good value. Including making a spreadsheet of visits and spend at the parks (yes I am that geeky) and can confidently say it’s a good buy.

Next it’s on to explore Universal Studios Orlando…

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  2. It’s one of those photos the park takes of you on the ride @tombedell – it’s pretty high tech now, they know where you are on the ride based on the “magic band” bracelet you wear and then you can get all the photos on their website

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