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BXL Belgian Pub NYC

We have been really busy recently as foliage season is coming up at our Vermont B&B and of course, that has led to our neglecting our beer duties (if you can call them that).

So we were floored to get this video from one of our awesome beer friends Steve, who shot his own Here for the Beer episode while he was in NYC at the BXL Belgian Pub.

We haven’t been to the BXL yet ourselves, but after this video it certainly seems like the kind of place we should make a point to visit. The atmosphere seems like the kind of place we would dig and New York is only a 3 hour train ride away.

Thank you to Steve and friends (and Matt – the BXL beverage manager for making an appearance). We appreciate you helping us out and being “there” for the beer!

Do you have a “here for the beer” experience you would like to share? We would love to hear from you. Send us an email, a tweet or a message on facebook. After all, we are all just here for the beer!


2 thoughts on “BXL Belgian Pub NYC”

  1. Belgian beer belongs to the best beer in the world if you’re into white and similar kind of beer. The taste is usually sweet but fresh. Belgium also has a few of the oldest breweries in Europe. Great country to go to if you’re into beer and chocolate(where they’re known for mostly).

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