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Cigar City Brewery in Tampa Florida

Cigar City
Cigar City
No beer geeks time spent on the west coast of Florida would be complete without a stop at Cigar City brewing.

One of the few breweries to have more than one beer on all of the popular “top 50” lists out there, Cigar City deserves the accolades it receives. From favorites like Jai Lai and Hotter than Helles to one offs like Sweet Potato Casserole and Oatmeal Rasin Cookie, Cigar City’s range isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of craft brewing. Recently they’ve even expanded into mead.

As for the tasting room, it is busy. Always. There are two long bars, and about a dozen tables scattered about. Sample pours and full pints are available of most beers. Growler fills and their unique 32oz “cans” are available on many but not all of the draft offerings as well.

The brewery tour is informative and includes several samples. Cans and bottles are also available to go.

As many breweries are doing now-a-days there was a food truck outside serving up some Brazilian food. Sources say the food trucks are only there on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays though, so don’t head their direction hungry.

One unique touch is the hand rolled cigar bar. In the tasting room you’ll find someone hand rolling cigars for purchase, a tribute to their name, brand and history.

Overall, the location and brewery tour are good, but the real appeal of visiting Cigar City is the opportunity to sample almost all of their current offerings, a difficult to achieve feat, even in Florida.

You can find Cigar City Brewery at 3924 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 348-6363


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