Believe it or not, we actually have real jobs. Aside from In addition to innkeeping, I maintain a hand in a company that does product branding and web design. Of course unless you are living under a rock you know we love beer and food. So when a favorite of our blogs, appropriately titled “cooking for assholes” had a logo design contest, I had to throw something out there.

Luckily, considering all of the other entries pretty much sucked, I won.   The winner gets an apron and coffee mug – perfect for showing off to my friends.  Amy says she’ll model the apron for a photo.  That is likely to rock.  You’ll want to watch for that.

Bottom line is  I have officially designed the new logo for the “Cooking for Assholes” blog. You should check it out sometime.  As for me, it’s time for another Switchback.

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  1. Miranda

    nice work – that guy sounds just like you

  2. William

    I’m a fan of anything for assholes, though I take issue with the insinuation that hospitality is not a “real job.”

  3. Derek

    yeah, I can take issue with that as well…’s 6 am and I’m hitting the kitchen to cook breakfast for the guests, then clean for a while before getting back in the kitchen for a 3 pm wedding dinner, then prep for tomorrow’s breakfast. Yup, nearly like a job.

  4. Frederique

    80 hours a week for 20 rooms is a real full time job! I agree!

  5. Tim

    Hey – I was talking about having a real job AS an innkeeper (VS just a beer drinker). I updated the post to make it more clear that innkeeping IS a real job – and that prolonged exposure will make you overly sensitive. I am buying you each a well deserved breakfast beer.

  6. sarah

    mmMMmmm switchback. 8) congrats on the logo, that rocks! can’t wait to see pics of amy in the apron.