In this video we take a trip out to the amazing Sunset Grill and Tap in Allston, MA for the official US launch of Duvel Green.  This is the first time Duvel has ever been available outside of the bottle and it is available in pubs right now.  Duvel is a great bottled beer that has been around for a long time, with the unfortunate effect being that it has almost been forgotten by some (been there done that).  So the Duvel Green brings a welcome reintroduction to this brand.

In this episode we get to chat with Simon Thorpe, President & CEO of Duvel.  We also chat with Jake Feltenberger, Marketing Manager for Duvel USA/Ommegang Brewery and Marc Kadish President, Chef and Cellar Master of the Sunset Grill.  What a great group of guys.  It was certainly a fun night and one delicious beer.  You can see Tim’s Duvel Green review here.

Be sure to try the Duvel Green and keep watching Here For The Beer.  Cheers!

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  1. FatherKingsbury (Fr. Scott Kingsbury)

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  3. Steve

    Duvel Green was released to the US on draft a while ago. I believe it made its first appearance in Philly back in September of 2008. I know for sure I had it on tap for the Philly Beer Week back in March of 2009. Tasty stuff!

  4. Tim Brady

    Philly is so lucky. Bet it was at Monks. Love that place.

  5. Steve

    Tim you’re correct! It was an event held at Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia. I didn’t make that event but the other local area bars had Duvel Green on tap after that. It was readily available to the suburbs for Philly Beer Week too. That’s when I was able to get a taste of it.

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  7. Tim Brady

    Philly. A city full of lucky beer loving bastards.

  8. Hyperlink

    cool video ! Cool! I work for a marketing company in Chicago – saw you guys out there, great stuff (the beer’s not bad, either – wasn’t able to try that night but I went back!) Keep up the good work

  9. hen night party

    I went to one of the launch parties for it in NYC last year and I’ve been drinking it (whenever I see it) ever since. I like it better than the classic Duvel in the bottle…

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