In this follow up video from our trip to Downingtown PA and our visit at our beloved Victory Brewing company we take a tour of the brewery with co-founder and brewmaster Ron Barchet.

From the hop freezer (which smelled so wonderful I wanted to move into it) to their lab, to their crazy bottling line (which in true form of the folks who built a 20 beer automated growler filler, is designed to operate with just 3 employees) we get a glimpse into Victory’s incredibly streamlined operations.

We enjoyed our trip to Victory Brewing Company and really love their beers.  We anxiously await their introduction in Vermont.   Until then, we will have to settle for rationing the Golden Monkey we brought back with us!  Cheers from all of us at Here for the Beer!

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  1. Dale

    Wow that was great! Victory is my favorite, and what a great video tour. Spread the word. Great job you guys!

  2. Anonymous

    Not sure about western NH, but we have plenty of Victory here in Portsmouth (and we love it too!). Have you tried taking a trip across the border?

    Like I said, I have no idea what the distribution within NH is, but I bet you could find some close to Brattleboro.

  3. Brian

    Great video guys, Victory is only about an hour from me, I love Hop Devil. Mmmmmm, Hop Devil

  4. Simply Beer

    Nice video! Loving the wild devil. Have some more brewery tours lined?

  5. Tim Brady Listing Owner

    Thanks – us too! We are heading to Denver next to check out some of the beer out there during the GABF. Should be awesome…

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