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Ebenezers Pub Cellar Tour

We take a trip downstairs into the cellar at Ebenezers Pub in Lovell Maine. Recently selected as the “Best Beer Bar on the Planet” by Beer Advocate magazine.  That doesn’t shake the owner Chris, who is too modest to accept the props and passes them off to Toronado Beer Bar in San Fransisco.  Well, we haven’t been to the Toronado (yet – watch out Dave Keene) but we have been to hundreds of great beer places around the world and can certainly throw our vote into the mix that Ebenezers is certainly the best beer bar that we have been to.

If you haven’t already watched our little intro and the upstairs at Ebenezers bar visit, check that video out first. But if you have, or if you are an official beer geek and want to get straight to the good stuff – dive right into this “Part II” where we scope out a cellar that is filled with any beer geeks dream collection, including Hair of the Dog Dave, Upland Kiwi Lambic, Thomas Hardy’s 1994 (hell, all of the Thomas Hardy’s)… Not to mention a wall full of Trapist brews, the whole Struise line, 5 kegs of Cantillon and everything from Lost Abbey.

Amy learns to cellar your lambics, Tim learns that Orval is a beer to hold on to – and best of all, we all crack open and try some Pannepeut Old Monks Ale (first in US), 1997 Chimay Grand Reserve (beautiful), Russian River Beatification, Russian River Supplication and finish the night off with a bottle of 1996 Liefmans Goudenband.


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