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We are trying out Facebook

Viddler doesn’t seem to want to get back to us about their higher quality service, so we are going to give Facebook a try.  Our newest video of the trip to Amherst Brewing Company is our first with a facebook embedded video.  We really think that the quality is top notch and it lets us connect to folks on FB as well.  So check it out and become a fan on facebook!

2 thoughts on “We are trying out Facebook”

  1. Hey Guys,

    Great concept. Looking forward to more and more updates. I was talking to Mike Gerhart from Otter Creek and he mentioned you were headed up there to check out what he is up to. Good luck with the venture. You should check out Twitter – it’s a great social networking site. Hoepfully I’ll be able to get up to the Inn soon.



  2. Thanks Matt! We did get up to Otter Creek and spent a great afternoon with Mike, we will be posting those videos soon. Thanks for the tip on twitter, let us know if you are doing any beer dinners around Brattleboro!

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