Just some photos from our travels around the US. We post regularly to Instagram (@hereforthebeer) where we are always seeking out great beers, bars, breweries and general adventures. Like this:

For 30 years a secret sat in plain sight. On the “E” floor of this beautiful historic hotel in West Virginia, hidden behind a wall, covered in the most distracting wallpaper possible, was a 30 ton steel and concrete blast door. The huge area behind led straight into the mountainside.
It was built as an expansion to the hotel, but was secretly paid for by the US government. Under the 80 new hotel rooms was a huge, super secure, space that was built to be used as the seat of the Congress and Senate in the event of an emergency evacuation of Washington DC. It was kept ready to activate at a moments notice (fully stocked with food and supplies for 1200 people to survive 6 months) by a secret team of “TV repairmen” that worked full time at the hotel.
After its existence was exposed in 1992, it was decommissioned and today it’s a super secure computer data center. But for $30 you can take a 90 minute tour (no photos or electronics inside) of the large bunkers, decontamination showers, dormitories and the giant generator and utility space, with enough water and fuel storage to run the entire space for months. Definitely worth a visit if you’re into cold war and once secret government history.


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  1. Abby Gottshall

    I know! We’ve been in the bunker. Next time you come we will have to take you on the bunker tour! And to see Oregon cave @grrracefleming