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Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover

iphoneIn case you are looking for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, I will share a few ideas which I wouldn’t mind seeing under the tree this year.

For the “Gotta-Have-It” Person – The Convenient Bottle Opener
iPhone Case Bottle Opener – This is the greatest beer accessory I have ever purchased.  I use this thing all the time.  Jump on eBay and find one to fit the correct phone, I promise it will get a lot of use.

You can’t go wrong with a personalized bottle opener from  They even make bottle opener dog tags.  Seriously, how brilliant is that?  “Come here boy!”  And there is a bottle opener.  Rather than spend money at the pet store, get your dog tags here.
Price Range – $8-$40

For the Connesiuer – Glassware
I recently wrote an article: Which glass do I use for each style of beer so you can learn a bit more.  You can buy prepackaged boxes with a variety of glass types, but most of the glasses included are fairly useless.  I think the two most import glasses to have are the snifter and tulip.  This is perfect gift for the buyer on a budget, I encourage you to start looking at the local thrift store.
Price Range – $2-50

For the “Do-It-Yourselfer” – Brewing Equipment
I can speak from personal experience that almost every beer lover enjoys the process of brewing beer.  It isn’t even that hard once you have the right equipment.  There are pre-fab kits you can buy at local box stores, but I personally recommend skipping this step.  Most of the time, the user will grow out of the kit in no time and the product is garbage anyway.  The best place to start is your local Wine & Hop Shop.  These places are notorious for having friendly workers that will make sure you have everything you need.  The receiver of the gift will get to know these individuals well as they are getting started.
Price Range – $150-400

For the “Have it Alls” – Rare Beer Club Memebership
There are many different varieties of beer club memberships, where once a month, beer shows up on your doorstep.  This is a great gift, but I want to provide a little guidence.  DO NOT waste your money on the “here are 3 different beers from 2 different breweries” club.  While you appear to get more bang for your buck, remember it is all about quality not quantity.  I recommend going with a club where they send you a couple of different bombers each month or go with the Rare Beer Club.
Price Range – $40-120

For the Traveler – Take a Road Trip
This one is my personal favorite, but requires a bit of research.  You would be amazed how many great local breweries are in close proximity to where you live.  Plan a weekend roadtrip to hit up a couple of these local gems.  Brewery tours are often great places to learn about the beer making process and at the end you usually end up with a glass and/or free samples.  The other great thing is that breweries typically have rare stuff on tap that you cannot get in the stores.  I can’t express this enough…DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Make sure they are open and find out when the tours occur.  If you live in Southern Wisconsin, why not let the guys at Hop Head Beer Tours take care of the everything.
Price Range – $100-500

For Anyone and Everyone – Beer
The perfect gift for the beer lover is beer itself.  This one requires the most research, don’t just wing it.  First off, find out what types of beer or breweries the gift receiver likes.  Trust me, they will enjoy talking with you about it, so engage them in a conversation.  Next, find a local store that is known for the great craft beer selection.  In most cases, you can’t just make a stop at the grocery store.  I recemmend trying to find something rare or seasonal, it will make the gift more special.
Price Range – $10-50

You really cannot go wrong with any of the above listed gifts as long as you put in a little time and thought, but isn’t that what the season is all about!


9 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for the Beer Lover”

  1. Love the post. Personally, I have a Growler Saver on my list too. They are not yet available for purchase to the public just yet, but should be in the near future. Check it out!

  2. Awesome! I didnt even know the growler saver hit the market yet. I do need to get my hands on one of those for sure.

  3. The Growler Saver system IS now available! In fact, we’re having a sale in them at the moment to get the word out. They are currently $5 off the normal price. Come visit us!

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