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Great Lost Bear – Portland Maine

It’s winter in Vermont, which means some quiet weekdays at our Inn. Perfect time of year for another road trip – and this time we head to Portland Maine for a week of awesome beer adventures.

We start our trip at the Great Lost Bear after hearing about it from some of you on Twitter. It’s no surprise that you recommended it, what a cool spot. A great draft list of dozens of Maine beers, as well as some random New England favorites and of course a few Belgians – all served up in a comfortable casual atmosphere. Not to mention a solid menu of good reasonably priced food. A great combination in any beer lovers book.

In this episode we talk with Mike Dickson, the bar manager at the Great Lost Bear about the pubs choice to go “micro” (in 1990 no less) and their killer specials.

The Great Lost Bear had just what we love about a good beer bar – a comfortable and non-pretentious environment that supports their local scene (check out the Allagash Alley) and encourages folks to try new things.

If you are ever in Portland Maine, make this a must stop. And be sure to keep an eye on the rest of our Maine adventure on Here for the Beer!

The Great Lost Bear
540 Forest Avenue
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 772-0300

5 thoughts on “Great Lost Bear – Portland Maine”

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  3. I just wanted to mention that next door to the Lost Bear is the best homebrew supply shop in Maine. Rob has great inventory, equipment, and even has a wall of great beers. I just found a 2007 Cantillon Iris while buying some kegerator bits and pieces.

  4. Great Lost Bear! Love coming across this.

    This is one of my top 3 chicken nacho places in the country. During my 50 state tour there were 3 places that stood out for best chicken nachos, all along the Northern U.S. too.

    Great Lost Bear, Portland, ME
    Resurrection Roadhouse, Seward, AK
    Stucko’s, Marquette, MI

    P.S. The beer at each place is great too :)

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