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Great Taste of Cottage Grove 2012 Results


The results are in from the first annual Great Taste of Cottage Grove, which was held on Saturday, December 15, 2012.  There were 20-23 beer lovers that blind tasted each of the beers, one category at a time, and ranked them based on personal preference.  The results are in and analysis of each category will be posted throughout the week.  A special thanks to the Board of Directors for helping put together this event and assistance with picking representatives for each category.  The BoD includes myself, @chadmeindl, @Badger_Alum1, and Ryan Turner.

Amber Category
Gold Medal – Alaskan Amber
Silver Medal – Sprecher Special Amber
Bronze Medal – Ale Asylum Ambergeddon
Other Participants: Stone Levitation and Bells Amber

Porter Category
Gold Medal – Ale Asylum Contorter Porter
Silver Medal – Founders Porter
Bronze Medal – O’So Night Train
Other Participants: Tyranena Devil Made Me Do It! and Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter

American Adjunct Category
Gold Medal – Old Style
Silver Medal – Budweiser
Bronze Medal – PBR
Other Participants: Hamms and High Life

Stout Category
Gold Medal – Central Waters Satin Solstice
Silver Medal – Bells Expedition Stout
Bronze Medal – Founders Breakfast Stout
Other Participants: Great Divide Yeti, Third Tier Ten, Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

IPA Category
Gold Medal – Surly Furious
Silver Medal – Bells Two Hearted
Bronze Medal – Founders Centennial IPA
Other Participants: Stone IPA and Lakefront IPA

Medal Counts:
Ale Asylum – 4 points (1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
Founders Brewery – 4 points (1 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Bells Brewery – 4 points (2 Silver)
Pabst Brewing Company – 4 points (1 Gold, 1 Bronze)
Surly Brewing – 3 points (1 Gold)
Alaskan Brewing – 3 points (1 Gold)
Central Waters Brewing – 3 points (1 Gold)
Sprecher Brewing – 2 points (1 Silver)
Anheuser Busch Brewing – 2 points (1 Silver)
O’So Brewing – 1 point (1 Bronze)

It looks as though the event will move to the fall in 2013.  Some of the expected categories include: Oktoberfest and Scotch Ales and we are open to other suggestions.

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