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I am (not) a craft brewer – but they are…

We were lucky enough to be able to attend the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston this year.  We have been getting a ton of great footage and will have a few fun episodes coming out soon from here.  In the interim we wanted to share this, a cool montage, shot for the keynote address which was presented by Greg Koch. (On a seperate note, check this out – he actually “tweeted” a photo of himself giving the speach here!)  The brewers in the video all worked together to brew a beer for this event.  The video and the beer couldn’t be more symbolic of the amazing camradarie that exists in this industry.  Over the past few days we have seen brewers from all over the world sharing stories and pints as they discuss the ins and outs of that beverage we all know and love…beer.  Its truly inspirational and we believe that a many other industries could learn a thing or two from the craft brewing world.

You can check out our tweets from the event here or the ongoing tweets of all of the attendees at the CBC here.  Of course, we hope that you’ll stay tuned for some fun and beer-filled video in the next week from the Craft Brewers Conference right here, on Here for the Beer!

2 thoughts on “I am (not) a craft brewer – but they are…”

  1. that video gave me the shivers….in a good way. Good idea throwing in the Sigur Ros.

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