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Interview with beer writer Andy Crouch

Last week Andy Crouch, beer writer for Beer Advocate Magazine and the author of The Good Beer Guide to New England, booked a room at our Inn.   He was in Brattleboro making his annual trip to McNeil’s Brewery and in looking around for what was new in the area, found our website.

Coincidentally, we had purchased his book a few months ago and have been  using it as our guide when we travel around New England. The book is well put together and a great resource of brew pubs, breweries and beer bars in the New England area.  It is very informative including all kinds of details and specifics on each location, but its also an entertaining read full of  short reviews of his experiences when visiting each of these places and anecdotes from his travels.  We highly recommend this book  if you are from the area or are doing some traveling through New England. You can purchase a copy of The Good Beer Guide to New England right here!

During his stay, Andy was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions in the Putney Road Pub over a few pints of McNeils Pullman’s Porter.   In this episode you’ll find out Andy’s favorite state and why as well as the most unique and off the wall brew pub in New England.

We hope this interview and book will inspire you to visit the breweries, brew pubs and beer bars throughout New England.  And of course, if you plan to make a weekend out of it we have a room and a supply of great beer waiting for you right here at Forty Putney Road B&B.

2 thoughts on “Interview with beer writer Andy Crouch”

  1. My wife and I also keep a copy of Andys book in the car. Found this video after watching the Otter Creek interview – like the site – consider yourselves bookmarked!

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