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Kate The Great 2010

VIDEO – This video is just a quick look at another fun filled Kate the Great day at Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth New Hampshire (check out last year’s adventure here). While the bottles were gone by 5:30am, the taps were flowing with what brewmaster Tod Mot called “his best work ever”.

We love “beer day’s” as they bring together a community of like minded (beer geeky) people and allow for a day of great beer conversation and sampling. Even though there was some talk of the desperation to get a bottle of Kate, the talk was more often about the individuals quest than it was of their disappointment. The moral of the story shared by most: be here really early next year if you want a bottle of this great beer.

In the end it was another great event hosted by Portsmouth Brewery and another tasty glass of Kate the Great for Here for the Beer. Who knows, one of these years we might just get out there early enough to meet this guy

3 thoughts on “Kate The Great 2010”

  1. Awesome video guys. I am patiently awaiting the golden ticket sales for 3 Floyds Dark Lord Day here in Indiana. This is just making me more anxious for it.


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