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LolliHops, the Hops-Infused Lollipops, Might Make Your Holiday Shopping List

Interesting post in the craft beer world.

Shopping for a person who likes craft beer can be intimidating, and sooner than you know it, we’ll all be faced with the rush of holiday shopping.

If you’re looking for beer-related gifts, here’s a cool stocking stuffer idea: LolliHops. LolliHops are hop-infused lollipops that come in 12 different flavors including Irish Stout, Hopped Cider and Blood Orange.

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They’re created by Yakima Hop Candy, a small women-owned business in the heart of U.S. hop country in Yakima, Washington. These lollipops are made with butter gently infused with real hops, giving the candy a fresh hop kick combined with exotic and classic flavors.

You may have spotted them in homebrew supply stores and beer shops, but now LolliHops are coming to Amazon. If you’re looking for other beer-related gifts, don’t forget about the Adidas beer shoes, made out of coating that is resistant to water and beer, making them perfect for navigating slippery beer festivals. We also dug up 21 gifts from reclaimed barrels (for the Ron Swanson characters on your list). Chalk up the LolliHops as another cool beer gift to make the holidays a little sweeter for the beer lovers in your life.


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