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National Home Brew Day 2009

Winner! 2009 AHA Big Brew Day video contest!

1st Place – Most Viewed Video (8,700 and counting)

1st Place – Spirit of Big Brew

Thank you so much to the Masholes for hosting us and working with us on this project. If you are in western Massachusetts and interested in home brewing – hook up with these folks on their facebook page!

In this episode, my friend Timberly and I check out an AHA National Home Brew Day event with the Masholes, a fun group of home brewers in Massachusetts.

Six home brewers brought their equipment to one house and throughout the day brewed six different beers.   Gathering as a group gave these home brewers (and the thousands of others who participated in similar events around the world) an opportunity to explore different techniques and share tricks of their craft.   Of course, it also was a great opportunity to share the fruit of the labor, the beer!   With the Masholes we found a group of people who were brought together by a common thread, the love of craft beer and the passion for creating it.   We’ve said it several times, beer should be fun – and the Masholes have definitely figured out  how to have fun while brewing good beer.

If you are in the Western Mass area and would like more information about the Masholes check out their Facebook page.   If not, you can get information about home brew groups in your area at the Brewers Association website Hope you enjoyed meeting the Masholes, we certainly did!  We will see you next time on Here for the Beer.

Please Note:  As you know, we don’t usually use YouTube, but the AHA is running a contest, for the best and most watched video from National Homebrew Day, so we are throwing our video in.  So please, share this with your friends, family and fellow beer enthusiasts. Lets make the Masholes famous! You can see more about the contest on the Big Brew section of the AHA website.

UpdateYouTube has banned this video as “Inappropriate” and therefore I suppose we are out of the contest…(Thanks to the AHA for keeping us in!) But we have uploaded it to our regular source, and hope that you enjoy it.

12 thoughts on “National Home Brew Day 2009”

  1. it was great to see you again and to meet timberly! thanks so much for joining us for big brew day and making a great video! i think everyone had a wicked good time!

  2. Thanks Sarah – we had a great time and can’t wait to hang out with the Masholes again!

  3. It was great to meet you and Timberly – glad you both had fun! Thanks for visiting us – you’re welcome any time . . .


  4. Yes, good weather, good people, and good beer! High five on the Coffee Stout. Thank you so much having us!

  5. The voting is done by the staff at the AHA. But the view count on YouTube is also used to judge for a prize… So by watching the video you have already helped us out! Thanks!

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