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Free Beachfront Camping in Magnolia Texas

I clearly enjoy Instagram. It’s a fun way to share adventures from the road. But it’s also one of the ways I find great destinations. In this case, one of the fellow wanderers that I follow on Instagram posted a photo a while back of an empty beach with some free camping. A click on the location tag and some cross referencing on and Google and we were off.

Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach is a hard packed shell beach, just a few miles south of Port Lavaca Texas. There are about 15 small covered picnic tables spread out along the developed section, with plenty of room for any size RV and grass for tent campers. There’s clearly no utilities here, but there was a full bathroom available. It’s not really the kind of beach you’d swim at or sink your feet into the sand, but honestly I am not partial to either of those things. What it does offer is a quiet, free, beautiful place to camp for a few nights.

Amazing free camping spot right on the water in Magnolia Beach, Texas. Thor approved.
Amazing free camping spot right on the water in Magnolia Beach, Texas. Thor approved.

There were about 5 or 6 other campers spread around during our stay here, but I can imagine the place gets much busier in the summer months. Thor thoroughly enjoyed being able to run on the beach and chase balls and birds.

The Beer

We also had a rainy day on the beach, which was perfect for some beer tasting in the Airstream. I’m currently trying all the canned craft beers that I can find, mainly because they travel better in the tiny Airstream fridge. But I’ve also found a trend in that smaller breweries who have a big enough following to grow into packaging are now getting into canning because of the lower cost to entry. Some are even canning via mobile canning lines. I’ve found that some really delicious beer is now being canned, these two are no exception.

Modus Hoperandi from Ska Brewing in Durango Colorado is a delicious golden orange IPA that starts a bit sweet and ends with the great combination of citrus and pine that I love so much.

Deep Ellum IPA from Deep Ellum Brewing in Dallas Texas is another big IPA packed with Citra, Amarillo, Chinook, Palisade and Summit hops and a bit drier and more hop forward that the Hoperandi but equally delicious.

Both of these brews made a rainy day at this beautiful spot even more enjoyable. Now it’s time for a long driving day, we’re heading back to Florida to meet some family at Disney in a few weeks and probably going to check out AlumaFlamingo

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