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T minus 1 day until GABF 2009

305x225Lots to do to today to get ready for our trip to Denver. Of course, waiting until the last minute to put together a plan seems to be my style nowadays. Just noticed my return flight leaves at 6:15 AM – that ain’t good.   Here’s to finding out if I still have the “all-niter” energy of yesteryear…

So I spent the last hour or so taking a cruise around the interweb to try to scope out what beers will be at the event and am surprised that there is no organized list.   The folks over at the sparsely utilized GABF social network say that there will be a program at the door, but that only perpetuates my last minute planning.   If there is anything that I wanted to put a few minutes into ahead of time, it was a plan for the beers I wanted to be sure to try.

A little looking around shows that in the past there were beer lists, but this year they elected to go with just a brewery list and map. I see that many of the breweries have listed on their own sites / blogs what they are bringing, but checking each brewery site is a rather time consuming endeavor.  Looks like I’ll be drinking and reading, the program that is, when I get there…

On another note, it looks like the “terror alert” issued today is focused on Denver and New York. Hopefully that doesn’t make travel more of a nightmare than it is already likely to be.   Not very encouraging that the alert says these jackasses were looking at “blasting and destroying the places of amusement, immorality, and sin… “.  Do you think an enormous beer festival counts?  Let’s hope not.

So in wrapping up, I have found twitter (search #GABF) to be most useful in my plans as well as via facebook and some of the big beer sites; But I would have loved to see a list of the beers in advance.  Hopefully next year.  For now, off to charge some camera batteries and get packed.  Keep an eye on our Here for the Beer twitter feed and our site for our coverage of the Great American Beer Fest and if you are in Denver, be sure to say hi!


5 thoughts on “T minus 1 day until GABF 2009”

  1. It’s gotta be one of the most hectic and busy weeks around this year. Add to that the dusting of snow that the surrounding area got and you’ve got a typical Colorado in September. I’m too busy with work up through Wednesday to get started. I plan on traveling light. I can only cringe at all of the stuff I wanted to carry: Flip-cam, digital cam, cell phone, coat, pretzel necklace, notepad, beer glass. Going to need to invent a beer-drinkers utility belt so I can keep my hands free.

    Looking forward to this year’s GABF. I’ll be volunteering all day Thursday morning and afternoon getting the big hall set up. Then if I have any energy left, I’ll be sipping beer Thursday night. Since I live just an hour away, I will be driving back and forth to Denver every day Thurs-Sat. I’m going to need a vacation after this beer fest.

    Hope to see you and many others there at the GABF. Don’t forget the #gabftweetup inside the festival 1 hour after the doors open each session. Meet near the GABF Bookstore in the middle of the fest. Wear a name badge with your Twitter ID on it.

  2. I would so buy a beer-drinkers utility belt. Even though I won’t be in Denver this year.

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