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Tim and Tom Talk Trappist

In this episode we meet with Tom Bedell, who has been writing about beer (and golf) since 1985.  Tim and Tom sit down to talk about Trappist Ales, at a local Brattleboro bar, Windham Wines.  Tom toured all of the Trappist Monastery’s in Belgium and gives us some insight as to what makes these breweries and their beers different.  While Tim and Tom talk mainly about Chimay, Westmalle, Orval, and Rochefort – Tom talks about all 7 Trappist breweries and clears up some of the questions about these world class beers.

Quarterly, Tom hosts a beer tasting at Windham Wine Bar.  This bar is located in our home town of Brattleboro, Vermont so be sure to stay with us at Forty Putney Road B&B while you are in town, we are even in walking distance to Windham Wines.  If you have been to any of the Trappist Monastery’s in Belgium please feel free to share your experiance in the comments below.  We would love to live vicariously through you and get some tips for our inevitable trip to visit them ourselves.

15 thoughts on “Tim and Tom Talk Trappist”

  1. Couple of good-looking guys in this episode! It was fun to do, Tim and Amy, and I’m glad my bald spot isn’t too reflective.

    I did notice I made a couple of gaffes. I offered in a few forums to drink another Trappist ale for any mistake uncovered, and I was finally called out at the Aleuminati site.

    So to come clean, I accidently referred to the White as a double (or dubbel), when it’s really in the triple style. But I also referred to the monks as Benedictines, which isn’t quite accurate. They’re Trappist Cistercians, but they do follow the Rule of Benedict. More a theological than a beer error, perhaps, but worth another bottle anyway, eh? Cheers,

  2. Tim, Amy, and Tom – very enjoyable. I’m drinking each of these beers for the first time over the next few days and this is a great introduction to the Trappists! I’ll send my readers here — for the beer and back-story.

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  4. Great guys thanks. I have been ignorant of Trappist ales and this inspired me to try them. Recommend watching the dated but informative youtube vid with Father Theadore. Bought all 3 Chimay’s and also Westmalle Dubbel and Tripel from a place in Chelmsford MA. These were the only 2 with “Authentic Trappist Product” on the back. Unfortunately the store did not have Chimay goblets so we used the widest mouth glassware we had. We worked our way through 11 ounce Chimay red, blonde, and blue, Westmalle Tripel and Dubbel. We bit off way more than we could chew, but regardless, we had fun and came away with distinct impressions. Our hands down fav’s were 1) Chimay Blue, and 2) Westmalle Tripel. We were blown away by the amount of particles in each of these 2. Hold up to the light and wow. Unfiltered is an understatement. Unbelievably smooth and rich, without being rich and overbearing. WonAderful stuff.

  5. Forgot to enter my name in the above post, “I have been ignorant”. Thanks guys!

  6. Very informative! With all the focus on big, imperial American craft beers, it seems many of the traditional Belgian Trappist beers still remain somewhat of a mystery to us Americans.

    People don’t know much about them and rarely recognize them (except maybe Chimay), so it’s great to watch a lesson from someone who’s been over there.

    Great job!

  7. Thanks for the comment over on St. Bernardus Abt 12 review, really enjoyed your Trappist tasting above. Keep it up, you’ve got a new fan!

  8. I was wondering if you’ve been to the Koningshoeven brewery as well?

    Great video. Very informative. Makes me want to re-try all of the Trappists!

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  10. Interesting clip and I’m glad to see that the Trappist ales are getting some exposure. I don’t understand, however, the references to the Benedictines, especially “Benedictine monks in these Trappist monasteries.” The Benedictines belong to a different order entirely, although the Cistercians and Trappists follow the same monastic rule as the Benedictines.

  11. Hi Matt, yep – Tom and I had a few too many at that point. You’ll see in the comments a while back Tom says “But I also referred to the monks as Benedictines, which isn’t quite accurate. They’re Trappist Cistercians, but they do follow the Rule of Benedict. More a theological than a beer error” – you guys are on the ball… Cheers to you both!

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