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Mount Wantastiquet, Brattleboro Vermont

The town of Brattleboro Vermont, seen here from above. A simple and rewarding hike up Wantastiquet Mountain, which has a great reveal at the top and Whetstone Station brewery at the bottom.

Start your hike at the end of the road just over the bridge to Hinsdale New Hampshire from Brattleboro Vermont. Make a left and take the road until it ends, there’s a small parking lot on the right.

There are 2 trails you can take from here. The first is relatively flat and runs along the Connecticut river. To take that trail, just stay left from the parking lot. The flat trail is about 2 – 3 miles long and ends at Mountain Road. It’s a clear and easy path, with the bonus of great riverside views and even a few small waterfalls.

The second trail is the jeep trail that runs up the mountain to the cell tower at the top. It’ll take you about 90 minutes to go up and about 60 minutes down, but for such a short and simple hike, it has the bonus of a great rewarding view (seen here). Even better, Whetstone Station brewery and restaurant is located a short walk from the bottom of the trail, the perfect place for a liquid reward (great beer list) or a meal after your hike.

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