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Beer Babe(s) – Women, Beer and Blogs

In this episode I share a beer and some conversation with the Beer-Babe, Carla Companion, who you may know from her popular beer blog on blogspot.  The Beer-Babe’s blog focuses on beer reviews, I have been a fan of her blog for quite some time.  Steering clear of becoming another pretentious review site, the Beer Babe focuses on putting beer into simple language that the novice beer drinker can understand and relate to.  Naturally The Beer Babes blog also offers a “woman’s perspective on beer”.  The statistics show that women tend to be a more “novice” beer drinker and that women only make up about 25% of the beer drinking population.   What a disappointingly small number.  The Beer Babe Blog, along with other girl-centric beer sites like Beer for Chicks and Women in Beer are working to break typical stereotypes women have about beer and to make good beer more approachable to the uninitiated.  Hopefully these sites will convince more women to join the good beer revolution, once they see what they’ve been missing – I don’t think keeping them around will be much of a challenge!

Filmed at:

Coat of Arms Pub
174 Fleet St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 431-0407

6 thoughts on “Beer Babe(s) – Women, Beer and Blogs”

  1. I found this video on YouTube while searching for something completely unrelated – this is a great site! I am also a woman beer lover and am so excited to find a community of others! Thanks for the links and the videos – I’m subscribed and will be back to see what else you girls do :) Stacy

  2. Great work as always, Beer Babe. You’re doing great work in trying to share great beer with a not yet fully involved group. I wish you all the success in the world, and cheers, as always. See you at #TTL, etc. j.

  3. FieldpointeBrew

    Keep sharing the message and the love for craft beer. Do give the byo a shot. You will love the results and the learning involved. It will also aid in your brew reviews. Keep up the good work. Salute!

  4. Came here after getting a follow (@brew52) on twitter. What a great site. I have to admit I am extremely jealous of you two, my wife and I have had many a conversation about how great it would be to run a B&B. And we’re huge beer fans too.

    Keep the great videos coming and if we’re ever in Vermont we’ll be sure to stay at Fort Putney :)

  5. Amy,
    Great interview…really enjoyed it…as a college student I’ve had my fair share of beer tasting, or more acurrately beer guzzling in front of a cheering crowd…anyways I look forward to more posts…keep up the great work and P.S. YOU ARE A HOTTIE!!!

  6. Women may not be the stronger gender when it comes to beer drinking but for sure,this will not be a reason for enjoyment to be spared because there are beer variants that has a lesser alcohol content.

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