In this episode we are invited up to Harpoon Brewery’s Windsor, Vermont location to see the bottling the forth beer in their new Leviathan series, a Quad.  We jumped at the opportunity to get an inside look at Leviathan.  We tasted the first in the series, Leviathan Triticus a wheat wine,  in July of 2008 at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival in Burlington, VT.  We were instantly impressed.  We found ourselves equally impressed by the next two of the Leviathan series, the Baltic Porter and the Leviathan Imperial IPA.  The good news is you can still find the Baltic Porter and Imperial IPA in stores, the bad news is Triticus was never bottled was only available in kegs, so it can not longer be found.   However, according to Head Brewer at Harpoon Windsor, Scott Shirley, we will all have a second chance as they will be bottling another batch of  Leviathan Triticus sometime this year.   Scott was kind enough to chat with us and explain a little about the Quad and the Leviathan series, sharing whats next for the series in the interview (you’ll have to watch the video, don’t want to give it all away here!).  If you are into heavyweight beers we highly recommend this Harpoon series.

In addition, Scott was gracious enough to show us around the newly renovated facility.  Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT is no longer just a tasting room in the gift shop it is now a full fledged bar and restaurant.  Open for lunch Sunday through Thursday (closed Mondays in Winter and Spring) and open for lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday.  The new pub is beautiful with a spacious bar and dining room complete with a wood burning fireplace.  Peek through the wall of windows to check out the brewery and bottling line, or take one of the weekend tours.  There is more information on the Harpoon Website.

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  1. Jason

    Didn’t even know that this came out yet – I’ll have to try one. Thanks for another great video guys!

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  3. Keg of Wisdom

    Didn’t know how much work went into a brewery operation…great stuff…

  4. Keg of Wisdom

    P.S. I added you guys to my site’s blogroll..keep up the good work…

  5. Steven

    Do the beers in this series come from the 100 barrel series or are they unique?

  6. Paul

    Good episode! I have yet to try any from their Leviathan series, but I would enjoy the opportunity. A local cellerman at a Brewpub in Bloomington, IN used to work for Harpoon and only has good things to say about their establishment!

  7. Craig

    Nice report. Steven, the Leviathan beers are not part of the 100 barrel series. They are a unique series. Since the remodeling, the Harpoon brewery in Windsor is really nice. The lunch sandwiches are very good. And the current 100 barrel series Catamount Maple Wheat is TASTY.

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