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Glassware for Beer

Putting together a glassware collection for you beer is easy.  Your collection should consist of about 10 glasses.  These will include a Pint Glass, Mug, Weizen Glass, Goblet, Flute or Champagne Glass, Stange or Tom Collins glass, Tulip, Pilsner, Wide-Mouth Red Wine Glass, and finally a Snifter Glass.

For a closer look at the shape and style of these glasses please refer to our video.   Beer glasses come in so many shapes and sizes for a reason.  Basically, when you pour a beer into the proper glass you will create the perfect “head” or foam top.  Creating just the right amount of head during your pour will create a “shield” to keep volatiles or compounds in the beer from evaporating.  This process helps to preserve the smell of the beer.  Our sense of smell and taste work closely together, to fully enjoy the complexity of craft beer you need both components.

Try not to get too hung up on the glassware, remember drinking beer should be fun and social.  The most important thing to remember is to pour your beer into a glass, any glass, so you can capture the smell to enhance the taste.  Do not fall into bad habits by drinking craft beer out of the bottle, I promise you will be missing out!

We hope by watching this  episode you will develop a better feel for what glassware goes with what types of beers.   A great baseline for our upcoming tastings.  Of course, we hope that you will join us next time for another episode from our Brattleboro Vermont Inn for pointers on beer pouring and tasting.   Good luck putting together your collection and we will see you next time on!

If you are looking to add to or enhance your collection of glassware, here are some great places to pick up some:

Killer Beer Glass Set
with 4 popular glass styles in one box

Belgian Style Beer Glasses

Guinness Style Tulip Glasses

Goblet or Snifter Style Glasses

If you are looking for some more information on the proper glassware for beer, and a great guide of what beer goes in which glass – check out these sites:

Wikipedia entry on Beer Glassware

Beer Advocate Glassware Tutorial

RateBeer Glassware Information

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  1. wow those are a far cry from the red solo cups I usually frequent….My favorite has to be the goblet, although I tend to like my goblets more bejeweled with diamonds spelling my name out…haha…again great work, and Amy please wear more shirts like that

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