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Inauguration Day – Ale to the Chief – Washington DC

In this episode, we celebrate the Inauguration of our 44th President, Barrack Obama, in Washington, DC by cracking open a bottle of Avery Brewing Companies “Ale to the Chief”.

On January 20, 2009 President Obama was sworn into office and we were there; on the Mall next to the Washington Monument along with what seemed like millions of other proud and energized people from around the Nation, and the World.

It is difficult to describe the emotion and excitement that we felt from all around us that afternoon in DC. Children and adults of all ages gathered to watch as our first African American President, Barrack Obama was sworn into office. The energy was high and the crowds were huge. Like many other Americans we felt compelled to be there and be a part of this piece of American History.

And like many other beer loving Americans, we chose to celebrate this occasion by opening our bottle of Avery’s “Ale to the Chief”. The beer was a really good Imperial IPA (the label, however calls it a “Presidential Ale”). This is a bold and powerful beer, which well represented the events and meaning of this day.

So join us on a short video version of our journey and share your own experiences with us here.

8 thoughts on “Inauguration Day – Ale to the Chief – Washington DC”

  1. Great video…didn’t go to the inaguration, but we opened 3 bottles are our late viewing party (taped..we had to work). Thnx for taking the brew to the level (Excutive that is) it is meant to be at!

  2. Awesome Video! I could feel the emotion of the day (and the cold) through your video. Great job guys – keep ’em coming!

  3. Hard to believe you aren’t professional videographers!!! Great job and thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks! We are far from it – but getting better with each video (as I think you can tell if you see our early ones!). Keep watching, they are bound to get even better! :)

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  6. Great job guys!!! It really does look professional. Have you thought of submitting the video to the beer company? You’ve got me hooked now, I’ll be looking in for future videos. Also, am still hoping on getting a group together to come up and stay some time.

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