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Lagunitas barrel program... Beers coming next year... Plus their new brew Night Time (a black IPA) released this month. Good things @lagunitasbeer
Lagunitas Brewing Co

Made the pilgrimage to Lagunitas while in the Napa area. I’ve always been a fan of Lagunitas beers, in particular their Lil Sumpin’ and Hop Stoopid. Plus their branding and their simple pricing structure for bars and restaurants have always made them a favorite.

A free tour is offered daily and starts in their very chill “original” tap room. I put original in quotes as Lagunitas has moved from their actual original location, but the vibe and spirit of this company is still preserved loud and clear in this college dorm room feeling tasting room that hovers over the massive brewery floor. Filled with knick-knacks and artifacts of brewing, weed and pop culture, I can see why it was such a popular hang out for locals before the new and much more refined tasting room was built. I love that they have this space and continue to share it with the public. They even let us add our very own Whetstone Station brewery sticker to their collection of beer stickers. Awesome.

Another exciting fact we learned along the tour was that Lagunitas barrel program beers will be coming out next year… Plus their new brew Night Time (a black IPA) is delicious and is being released this month as well.

I think it goes without saying that anyone reading this already knows what Lagunitas is all about and if you’re in the area, a stop at their tour and tasting room is certainly worth a detour.

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  1. @hereforthebeer if you like IPA’s head over to Taps and try the Big Chicken from @henhousebrewing. Just kegged yesterday and very good!

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