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Run Tellman Run is Here for the Beer!

Our friend Tellman is running across the country BAREFOOT to raise 100 million dollars for charity, fighting teenage homelessness.  As if that story doesn’t sound crazy enough, he took the time to run his way into the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville Pennsylvania to give us a shout out.

For a quick look at the man and the plan, check out this coverage just on ABC from this week:

Tellman is from our town in Vermont and we have had the pleasure of hanging out with him and his family on many occasions.  Knowing some of his life story, a story filled with challenges that he has overcome, makes this challenge and effort even more impressive.

We suggest you check out Run Tellman Run and donate to this worthy cause.  We will certainly be keeping an eye on the trip and wish Tellman and his crew tons of luck on their barefoot cross country voyage.

Cheers to you and best of luck on the run.  You have certainly earned each of your beers along the way!

By the way – are you “here for the beer“?  Send us your clip or photo and we would love to share your story!  Email or Tweet us up!

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