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Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas 2009

VIDEO – Well, we thought we were done for the year, but ended up scoring a last minute seat at what turned out to be one of the best beer dinners we attended this year. The dinner was aptly called the night before the night before Christmas and was held at the Sierra Grill in Northampton Massachusetts. The theme was a vintage Christmas, and so some creative spins on a traditional Christmas dinner were paired with vintage Dogfish Head beers and creative “Christmaswear”. Dogfish Head founder and president, Sam Calagione was at the dinner, along with his family and friends from the area (as Sam is from the western Massachusetts region).

If you haven’t been to a beer dinner at the Sierra Grill, put it on your to do list in 2010. They put together some of the best pairings we have ever tried. The owner of the Sierra Grill, O’Brian Tomlin, is a true craft beer evangelist. The tap list on any given day is top notch. Their chef Ralph Webb is extremely creative and loves to prepare food with beer. The combination makes for a killer beer dinner and this one was no exception. Courses included a goose stew with duck sausage, paired with Dogfish Head 2007 Immort Ale and Lobster Eggroll with Dogfish Head 2008 Pangaea. There were two entrees presented, a Bison Prime Rib and a Roasted Smoked Pheasant, both served with Dogfish 2007 Burton Baton. Finally the dinner wrapped up with a Christmas cake (you need to watch the video to hear the chef describe what went into this!) paired with a 2008 Dogfish World Wide Stout.

We also had the opportunity to get some great interviews with Sam, his father and his wife. So we have split the videos up into a series that we will be posting throughout the week. Consider it our “After Christmas special”. We hope you all had a great Christmas and wish you a happy new year! Cheers from Here for the Beer!

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