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Wisconsin Welcomes Back Dogfish Head, along with TN, RI and IN

DFHIt was announced last week that Dogfish Head would be returning to the 4 markets they pulled out of in 2011: Wisconsin, Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Indiana.  The brewery continues double digit growth year after year and are in the process of completing their most recent expansion.  This most recent expansion will give them the capacity to return to these markets prior to the end of 2013!  And if you are like me, I am sure you always wondered how Dogfish Head got its name.


For me, DFH is more of a nostalgic brewery.  When I first got into craft beer, they always had interesting offerings on the shelves along with the fact that they were a highly respected name in the industry.  Their off-centered ales can be a little hit-or-miss, but every bottle is definitely filled with intrigue.  So for the markets that have been missing DFH for a couple of years, I thought I would send off a quick rundown of some of my favorite offerings from the Delaware brewery.

Can’t Miss:
Palo Santo Marron –  The first time I saw this brown ale listed at 12% my mind was blown.  And for me, this the crown jewel of the entire selection.  Complex, boozy, woody, just so good.  Great fresh or primed for spending some time in the cellar.

Burton Baton – This brew is actually a blend of two of my favorite styles, Old Ale and Imperial IPA.  The two flavor profiles play together very nicely and the oak aging is a nice touch.

You Should Definitely Try:
Festina Pêche – This is one of the beers that turned my on to the amazing world of sours.  This Berliner Weiss is perfect for summer, refreshing and enjoyable.

90 Minute IPA – While the concept is a little gimmicky since most breweries continuously hop IPA’s, this beer was one of the founders of the style and definitely a beer that got me started down the Hop Head path

Indian Brown Ale – I actually have not gotten the opportunity to try this beer yet, but it will be the first I pick up once it hits shelves again in WI.  Combining three distinct styles: scotch, brown, and india pale ale, I am pretty excited to see how these styles blend together.

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew – Another beer I have been waiting to try that includes three threads of imperial stouts with one part honey beer and gesho root.  They definitely have me intrigued by this beer!

Olde School Barleywine – If you are trying to get into barleywines, this is a great place to start.  The 15% alcohol hides really well behind the sweetness of the dates and the figs.

World Wide Stout – At 18%, this stout defies brew-logic.  I have a 2010 bottle sitting in the cellar that is getting closer and closer to being ready.  If you want to read Tim’s take on this beer: Come on, Vogue, Vogue

Now if only they would bring back Liquor De Malt!

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