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Serve Your Bendërbrau In Style

mobile45BEER GEAR – So you can’t buy this weeks beer gear masterpiece, but you can build it yourself following the steps that this crazy genius homebrewer documents extremely well on the HomeBrewTalk website.

As a big Futurama fan, I really dig this thing. The keg is cooled in the body (just like the show) and the compressor and controls in his head, along with a computer module that speaks 15 of Benders catch phrases. But the wildest part in my opinion is that the beer is dispensed through the cigar. If you look closely you can see the tap on the end of the cigar in the photo!

He should get together with this guy, who built a Bender – Brewery! Of course, this one is really just an awesome Bender shell, with a homebrew kit in the body – but still amazing and something that I would certainly love to have.

Do you have a cool brew setup? We appreciate a good build and would love to show off your work. Post a comment or send us an email. Now it’s off to find a Bendërbrau of my own – Cheers!



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